“An almost fatal blow was dealt to me. Renzi took her because he didn’t have me”: De Luca live on social media after Dafne Musolino’s farewell


By John

“A near-fatal blow was dealt to me.” Thus begins Cateno De Luca’s live social media broadcast after Senator Dafne Musolino’s sensational announcement to move to Renzi’s Italia Viva. “I will always look at her as a father looks at a daughter, I wish her the best luck”, she added with a tired face. Then the leader of the South calls North, first citizen of Taormina and former mayor of Messina, turns to Renzi, saying “Congratulations for this great coup! You took it by not being able to take me…” and focusing attention on the timing of the maneuver, in view of the supplementary elections in Monza.

“The buying and selling of parliamentarians has always characterized parliaments in all eras… In recent days I have not succumbed to yet another blackmail” De Luca had written hotly in the morning, announcing a live broadcast on his Facebook profile to clarify the context and background which led today to the announcement of the move to Renzi’s party.