Ars, the deputies “gorge themselves” on contributions. Here are the contributions pouring in


By John

As predicted, the avalanche of contributions resisted the political clashes. Around 18 million go directly to the municipalities and associations closest to politics. Even if the bundle of amendments voted yesterday by the ARS after days of negotiation allocates at least another 4 million which can be used for similar contributions.
It must be said immediately that the 400 amendments developed between Thursday night in the Budget Committee and behind the scenes in the chamber on Tuesday inflated the corrective maneuver from the original 550 million to the final 650.
Nine million in pitches and parks The rain funds, which reward municipalities and associations of the constituencies of the deputies are worth 18 million. And in the end they were assigned with three different formulas. There is a first article which allocates 9 million and 414 thousand euros to 87 municipalities and associations. It is in this chapter of the maneuver that there is funding for sports fields, ice hockey gyms and playgrounds.
1.6 million to coops and institutions Then there is a second article which allocates one million and 660 thousand euros for interventions of a social nature (so the title says). Formula that can be translated into financing for non-profit organizations and cooperatives for very popular interventions: in Palermo, for example, you reward Anirbas with 20 thousand euros, Angeli della notte with another 20 thousand and Omnia Service with another 20 thousand. In Monreale, the city of origin of the Melonian Marco Intravaia, 10 thousand euros each to Evergreen, Auser and Overland.
In Rocca di Capri Leone, the town of Forzista Bernedette Grasso, 30 thousand euros to Anspi. 200 thousand euros will go to the Parco Uditore in Palermo and 150 thousand to the Hope and Charity mission. 100 thousand euros go to the Santa Agrippina parish of Mineo. Some municipalities in Messina, where the South Calls North list is strong, received the highest figures: 200 thousand euros to Gualtieri Sicaminò, 270 thousand to Santa Lucia del Mela, 200 thousand euros to the Nebrodi Village Union. And then again 426 thousand euros at the Bellini theater in Catania. And so on up to the sum of 52 loans worth one million and 660 thousand euros.
The race against time In this climate, however, what takes center stage is the race against time that begins today to spend this money. Since this is a budget change law, the funding must be spent by the end of the year. Actually, before. The regional fund closes in mid-December. And there is an even earlier deadline, as underlined by Gianfranco Micciché: «To receive this money, the Municipalities must make a budget change themselves. And for them the deadline is the end of November. The risk is that this money will never reach its destination.” The Grillino group leader Antonio De Luca also predicts this: «The time to allow the Municipalities to use the sums is short, these rules will become waste paper». The Councilor for Economy, Marco Falcone, admitted that «time is short but the offices will do everything to speed up the commitment of these sums. Of course, if it doesn’t arrive in time, the money will end up as an administration surplus and then, as normally happens, it will be used to reduce the deficit.” In short, they will become savings and improve the Region’s accounts.