Asp Catanzaro, the 10 new Cuban doctors have arrived. 5 go to Lamezia Terme and five to Soverato


By John

The ten new Cuban doctors have arrived and will immediately take up service at the ASP in Catanzaro, five in Lamezia Terme, five in Soverato. Ten medical units which bring the total number of doctors coming from Cuba for the entire provincial ASP to 31. They were presented this morning by the health director Antonio Gallucci, in a special moment also open to the press, inside the “Ferrante” conference room located on the ground floor of the hospital.

“It was an important moment when we evaluated the documents, professional profiles and CVs of these doctors, today it is a pleasure and an honor to have them with us.” The new doctors stationed in Lamezia are two radiologists, two orthopedists and an oncologist, who from today will follow the directives of the various medical managers and primary doctors and will serve in the Medicine, Radiology and Orthopedics departments. «Having 31 doctors in the three hospitals of the ASP is a moment of organizational happiness» continued Gallucci, also bringing greetings from the extraordinary commissioner Battistini, admitting a great need for personnel but announcing, at the same time, «a series of countless competitions for enroll new doctors.”

«Their presence» continued Gallucci «will have an important and direct result, many of them are already working in the emergency area and in the various departments, others will arrive, when new doctors arrive, the operational force arrives, thanks therefore go to them and to governor Occhiuto who with this intermediate solution tried to give at least an immediate solution to the problem of the entire Calabrian healthcare system”.