Vibo Valentia, polls open for the renewal of the Provincial Council


By John

Polls open today for the renewal of the Provincial Council. Ten seats are at stake with the possibility that the balance may change, although the Delrio law protects the president from the need to be supported by a majority. The weighted vote allows us to evaluate, albeit with a margin of error, what the structure of the meeting could be. Only the administrators of the Municipalities who are not under the guidance of the commissioner will vote and be elected in turn.

And based on their orientation, as well as on the specific weight of their respective centers of residence, it is possible to make some predictions. Meanwhile, there would be two sides competing for first position. That is, the “Centre Right for Vibo” group, with an overwhelming majority of Forza Italia, and the “Vibo al centro unique and concretely linked” list, an expression of the Future City and of some forces attributable to the moderate pole.