At the Rock Museum in Catanzaro the return of “Ciao 2001”, the magazine that revolutionized an era


By John

January 26, 1969 is remembered as a historic date for music journalism. He appeared on Italian newsstands Hello 2001, a new magazine born from the merger of “Ciao Amici” and “Big”, which in 25 years and with its 1202 issues has managed to be appreciated for its contents. Back on newsstands recently, thanks to Spree Editori, Friday 1 Marchat 6.00pmto the Catanzaro Rock Museumthe story of the newspaper will be told by Maurice Becker And Renato Marengocurrent curators who strongly wanted to complete an idea of Francesco Coniglio, who passed away last summer. He will moderate the evening Piergiorgio Caruso. The presentation arrives in Catanzaro immediately after the great Roman premiere at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni last February 23rd.

It soon became the symbol of an Italy that was changing, in its pages and with its weekly releases, Hello 2001 between the sixties and eighties he was able to give voice to youth culture with his articles dedicated to international scene like no one had ever done before.

As stated by Becker and Marengo «Through the gaze of young contemporary authors who will become the most famous names in journalism and musical production and unpublished insights, the cult magazine of an era is revived with bimonthly publications on glossy paper, which brings together the best of the articles dell'era with current evidence».

A great commitment that of Maurice Becker And Renato Marengo which, addressing enthusiasts, but also new generations, will retrace the history of Hello 2001 through the selection of original articles, interviews and contemporary portraits of myths, icons, characters and phenomena born and raised between the Sixties and Eighties.

Maurice Becker, is an Italian journalist, writer and musicologist. Among the authoritative signatures of Hello 2001stood out for his collaborations with numerous magazines and in Rai as author and host of some radio programs such as “Stereonotte” (from 1996 to 1999), “Il camello di Radio2” (from 2000 to 2003), “Effetti personali” (2005). From 2008 to 2012 he was director of the musical monthly “Light music”; since 2014 he has been editor-in-chief of the music magazine Classic Rock. His books have received great response.”Once upon a time there was RCA. Conversations with Lilli Greco” (2007), “How much will you give me for Endrigo?” (2008) and “From Mameli to Vasco. 150 songs that united Italians “, all published by Coniglio Editore.

Renato Marengo, journalist, author and host of radio and TV programs, was a producer of almost all the artists of “Napule's Power”, an activity he abandoned at the beginning of the 1980s to dedicate himself more to radio and TV journalism. Among the many newspapers on which he collaborated or directed we remember Hello 2001, Tutto, Blu, Telesette and Radiocorriere TV. For many years you have worked together with Michael Pergolani, as author and host of Demos, the daily strip on RAI RadioUno dedicated to emerging and independent Italian music. In 2021 he publishes “Napule's Power. Italian Musical Movement”, in which he retraces what happened on the musical scene of the Neapolitan city starting from the seventies.