“Chinese cranes are spying on us”, alarm from the number one at the port of Los Angeles


By John

The number one port of Los Angeles raises the alarm on Chinese container cranes who, with their technology, could spy and therefore represent a threat to national security. «They collect data, look for information. The question is how they use the data,” he said Gene Serokathe executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, in an interview with Bloomberg. “They are a risk but who else makes the cranes?”, Seroka added, highlighting the need to create a crane industry in the United States. The Biden administration plans to invest billions of dollars in the production of American-made cargo cranes to replace Chinese-made ones used in many American ports. Overall, the administration intends to invest 20 billion over five years to strengthen the security of American ports. “These cranes moving containers in and out of ports, if operated by adversaries, can impact the movement of goods in our economy,” Anne Neuberger, deputy national security adviser for emerging technologies, told the Wall Street Journal .