Athletics, RunCard Young and Silver projects in Lamezia: excellent performances by the athletes of the ASD Youth Sports Center Catanzaro Lido


By John

Regional road race trophy in Lamezia Terme for the RunCard Young Project and the RunCard Silver Project. The two projects wanted by Fidal and Sport & Salute for the development of athletics, for basic motor coordination and movement for very young people from 8 to 14 years old and also for sports walking and muscle strengthening, constructive support for non younger physically but with great enthusiasm from 65 years onwards. The Asd Centro Sportivo Giovanile Catanzaro Lido is present in the two important moments of this event with those who have been working on it since June at the Istituto Comprensivo Pascoli-Aldisio-d’Errico in Catanzaro and the silver medalists in Curinga with the support of the Asd Avis Curinga. And the motto: come with us into the wonderful world of athletics, the queen of sports. Don’t stand still, come with us, don’t feel the weight of the years and take part in the Run Card Silver – Senior in Movement has achieved the desired objective of this great celebration of physical activity strongly supported in the region by the president of Fidal Calabria, prof. Vincenzo Caira. But let’s get to the moment of verification and talk about the results obtained by the Asd Youth Sports Center Catanzaro Lido: cat. Men’s 8 rookies wins the race Ranasinghe Petikiri Koral Senuka Anuhasin third place Mazza Christian and the fourth El Dghoughi Mohamed Amine. In the female version beautiful races for Ursino Lucrezia, Apulian Ludovica And Fulciniti Rebecca. In the women’s rookie 10 second place for Ursino Maria Luisa and nice race I’ll get Sara. Nice presence of Curinga’s silver runcards who supported the event.