Confagricoltura Calabria, Alberto Statti has been reconfirmed president


By John

Alberto Statti was reconfirmed President of Confagricoltura Calabria, the election took place unanimously during the Confagricoltura Calabria assembly which met this afternoon in Maida at the Agriturismo Costantino.

The entrepreneur from Lamezia will lead the agricultural organization for the next three years.

«We are living – underlined in his introductory speech the reconfirmed President Statti – a complicated moment, the pandemic first, the Russia/Ukraine war still ongoing and the new conflict in the Middle East have made and make our business activity even more difficult following the effects of the increase in the prices of energy materials and technical means which have had, and are still having, a negative impact on the incomes of our companies”

In the considerations of President Statti also the reminder of the correct profile of agriculture «very often the primary sector is given a bucolic and rural image, anti-historical and contrary to progress.

Agriculture is instead and more properly the engine of the Calabrian economy, as the data and all the virtuous paths that it is capable of generating say so.

Between 2010 and 2020, agricultural companies in Calabria decreased by 30.7% and each company currently has on average 5.7 hectares of land, the data is encouraging considering that in 2010 the same availability for each single company it was 4 hectares”

According to Statti, a sign of the slow but constant change in the sector is the increase in the number of young people running a farm and the growth in the agricultural surface area cultivated by companies managed in a corporate form.

The new President of Confagricoltura Calabria associated the rigorous analysis of the macroeconomic data of the Calabrian agricultural sector with the evaluations on the profile of the representative organization «in the coming years the Federation will have to take on a more incisive coordination role, with an even more significant lobbying action ».

A perspective that starts from the results obtained in recent years «it escapes no one – highlighted Statti – that oToday Calabria is at the top in terms of spending on community resources for rural development and this was possible thanks to the action carried out as members of the partnership for the planning of measures under the 2014/2020 RDP.

Thanks to the collaboration, commitment and activity of all the Presidents and Directors, we are the only Regional Federation of Confagricoltura in Italy to have conquered and maintained the management of the Regional Breeders’ Association (ARA), we are also the only Organization to push the Region towards a policy of containment of harmful species, primarily wild boar”.

Regarding this latest emergency, Statti claims not only the trade union representation activity but also the concrete achievements «we have created, in recent months, in agreement with the ATC CZ1 and Lamezia Europa Soc. Le Bontà, a supply chain project for the wild boar meat that has started in recent days. Under current legislation it is the only way to make the containment of ungulates effective.”

Another sensitive issue is that of reclamation consortia «adequate availability of water and correct management of it are fundamental elements to guarantee the vegetative needs of crops and, therefore, to maintain adequate production standards, in quantitative and qualitative terms. For this reason, Confagricoltura Calabria has always been a convinced supporter of the usefulness of reclamation consortia.

Of course – Statti highlighted – we would have liked a better reform, but I believe that this is a first step towards a real and positive action to restore a perverse system, to use a euphemism, generated by those who have managed these bodies over the years.

We accepted and shared this reform path with the assumption of responsibility by President Occhiuto and Councilor Gallo”

Among the other objectives achieved and cited by the new president, the reconfirmation of the tax credit for the South, the path towards the financial restructuring of agricultural businesses, the collaboration with the Gals and the implementation of the initiatives completed with a project based on the PSR Calabria 2014/2020 Measure 1 “Transfer of knowledge and information actions”.

«We will continue to defend the interests of our members – concluded Statti – with coherence, assiduity and commitment. The results we have obtained and those we will obtain are the consequence of the team work of which Confagricoltura Calabria has been and will be capable.”

Congratulations from Mancuso

“The reconfirmation of the entrepreneur Alberto Statti at the helm of Confagricoltura Calabria is excellent news. The project of social and cultural transformation and strengthening of the sectors driving the economy, on which the Region is aiming to guarantee future prospects for an area of the country which must be able to better combine tradition and modernity, has an important ally in the regional Confagricoltura. And in its President, and in his rich experience gained in the field and supported by clear analytical skills and innovative proposals, a precious reference”.