Attacks and death threats at the Vibo emergency room, Tucci: “Armed surveillance is not enough”


By John

“I want to express all my solidarity with the nursing staff of the emergency room of the Jazzolino Hospital in Vibo, the subject of two different attacks, with death threats in one case, by patients with less than civil manners”. The deputy of the 5 Star Movement wrote this in a note Riccardo Tucci, who adds: “The phenomenon of attacks on healthcare workers is not new, similar events have already occurred in the past, which attempts have been made to remedy without however obtaining significant results. The presence of armed security on site evidently works up to a certain point.”

“Doctors and nurses very often end up – continues Tucci – acting as a lightning rod for situations that are not attributable to them, far from their responsibilities. The strange critical issues of the skeleton staff, who often carry out exhausting shifts, the obsolete instrumentation and the dilapidated structure create the fertile ground for these regrettable excesses.

Not forgetting, among the causes, a good dose of rudeness inherent in some patients. Then, nothing more is known about the new hospital, “the imminent opening of the construction site”, which the Vibo right wing has been fantasizing about for months, has fallen into oblivion. Words in the wind, as usual.” “In the next few days – warns the deputy – I will contact the ASP commissioner Battistini, a very attentive and sensitive figure, to understand how to get to the bottom of the problem. These acts of incivility towards those who take care of our health must stop,” concludes Tucci.