Attempted murder of Gioele Mangiola in Reggio: Minniti answers the investigating judge’s questions


By John

He did not avoid questions from the investigators, from the investigating judge of Reggio Calabria, Francesca Mesto, and the Public Prosecutor of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate, Nicola De Cariathe 50 year old Emilio Minniti, Reggino, arrested on charges of being one of the two perpetrators of the attempted murder against Gioele Carmelo Mangiola, the 38-year-old from Reggio injured “in the head and face” on the morning of last October 13th in the populous neighborhood on the southern outskirts of the city, Ravagnese. Defended by lawyers Giulia Dieni and Antonio Germanò of the Court of Reggio, Emilio Minniti tried to clarify all the accusation issues weighing on him: from participation in the shooting to the reasons why he was unavailable for two months.

Vanished into thin air together with the second suspect (still wanted today), a 44-year-old from Reggio: both accused “in competition with each other and with other currently unidentified subjects” of the attempted murder. Overall, there are three people under investigation for the Mangiola wounding: a 44-year-old from the Ravagnese district is at liberty.