Taormina, after the Municipality’s exit from TaoArte, De Luca proposes another foundation


By John

Brand and strategy, strategy and brand. These are the terms most used by the mayor Cateno De Luca to illustrate his proposals for Taormina and, also on this occasion, they resonated within the walls of Palazzo dei Giurati.
Having sanctioned the break with “Taormina Arte” for months now, the exit of which will take effect from next January 1st, the Municipality has decided to “start its own business” with a Foundation where it is the owner and controller. However, there was an obstacle to get around, that of financial collapse which prohibits the creation of new bodies and companies, but the mayor identified the solution to eliminate every obstacle in his path. The Mazzullo Foundation, founded in 1981 on the artist’s initiative, is right for him Giuseppe Mazzullo and of the Municipality, which the Administration has dusted off by bringing to the chamber the statute of what has become “Taormina in the world-Mazzullo Foundation”, approved by the majority with the abstention of the opposition, which declared itself available for constructive dialogue as soon as it has indications clearer on the objectives of promoting the city and events, compared to an act considered very generic.