Autonomy differs, the Calabria League responds harshly against Falcomatà: “His opinion is out of his mind”


By John

«If it were fascism, it should be underlined that it is a fascism introduced in 2001 by the center-left which, by majority, reformed Title V by inserting differentiated autonomy into the Constitution. It’s a detail that the talking crickets of the left often omit, in the illusion, despite the many electoral defeats, that they can continue to make fun of Italians.” This is what they state, in a joint note, the regional councilors of the League of Calabria, Giuseppe Gelardi, Filippo Mancuso, Giuseppe Mattiani, Pietro Molinaro and Pietro Raso, they reply to the mayor of Reggio Calabria Giuseppe Falcomatà on differentiated autonomy. «Mayor Falcomatà’s – they continue – is a crazy opinion. Without any logical foundation, even if political. Indeed, for decades in Italy, gender and generational development gaps have not guaranteed the rights of citizens of the South, but we don’t think Falcomatà and his companions have ever protested. The League’s initiative does not intend to starve the South, already starved by the senseless economic policies of the national and regional governments of the left, but to initiate a reform which we expect will overcome Italy at two speeds. A reform that includes overcoming the unfair concept of historical spending, the application and financing of the Lep and the guarantee that citizens, wherever they live, are guaranteed the same rights, services and opportunities”. «That all this disappoints Falcomatà and all those who protect the status quo, because the change calls into question their actions, requiring responsibility in the management of public spending and forcing them to be accountable to the citizens – conclude the Calabrian councilors of the League – is the demonstration that the reform in Parliament is a historic opportunity that the country and the South have been waiting for for too long.”