Death of the former president of Catanzaro Giuseppe Cosentino, two doctors sent to trial for forgery


By John

Two doctors from the nursing home «Villa Caminiti», the surgeon Antonio Diomede Trimarchiaged 66, and the doctor on call Luca Messinaof 47, are were sent to trial by the Reggio Calabria gup Antonino Foti. For both, the accusation is of forgery in relation to the death of the entrepreneur and former president of Catanzaro football Giuseppe Cosentino, which occurred on 13 July 2020. Trimarchi and Messina – together with two other healthcare workers: the anesthetist Maurizio Pescione, 73, and the cardiologist Domenico Antonio Foti (66) – are already accused in the first trial for manslaughter which is also taking place before the Court of Reggio Calabria. The entrepreneur had undergone surgery in the «Villa Caminiti» clinic in Villa San Giovanni: when his condition worsened, Cosentino was transferred first to the hospital in Polistena, also in the province of Reggio Calabria, and then to the resuscitation of the «Mater Domini» hospital in Catanzaro where he died. If this was the first investigation, the criminal proceedings for which the two doctors were sent to trial now arose from the second part of the investigation, coordinated by the Prosecutor’s Office led by Giovanni Bombardieri who also found irregularities in the documentation relating to the surgery to which the former president of Catanzaro football was subjected. Trimarchi alone is also accused “of having personally affixed Cosentino’s false signature to the informed consent – it is written in the indictment”. On February 20th the two health workers will appear before the Court, in a monocratic composition, for the first hearing.