Autonomy reform, the mayor of Catanzaro without half measures: “A disaster”


By John

«Unfortunately, the start of work in the Senate for the examination of the bill on differentiated autonomy marks a further move towards the approval of aform that I have considered from the first moment and continue to consider disastrous not only for the South but for the entire country because it betrays the principles of solidarity and equality on which our Constitution is inspired”. The mayor of Catanzaro said it, Nicola Fioritaspeaking to journalists on the sidelines of an initiative promoted by the Anpi on the theme of “Constitutional anti-fascism, differentiated autonomy, premiership”.
«By building a system – he added – in which those who are stronger and those who are more advanced can be even more so and those who are weaker will have to deal with their weaknesses alone, not only will every development prospect for the South be undermined but we deny that solidarity and being together that are the basis of every community. Therefore I consider the reform that is proposed to be seriously harmful. As far as we can, we oppose and will continue to oppose this reform with formal acts. We did this by wearing the tricolor sashes in front of the Prefectures. And today I was among the promoters of a new document that was signed by almost 200 mayors which says something very banal. And that is that the way this reform is shaping up leaves the south to its fate.”
«I think that among the duties of a mayor – Fiorita continued – there is that of defending the values ​​of his community and, more generally, republican values. I swore allegiance to a Constitution which says that we are all equal and that our country is inspired by the principles of solidarity and which denies any form of selfishness. That same selfishness on which this reform is based. So I believe that being against this reform is a duty with respect to the people who voted for me but also a duty with respect to the oath of loyalty to our Republic that I took the day I wore the tricolor sash for the first time.”