Dasà, the players of the team playing in the third category on the pitch with Maignan’s face


By John

From Friuli to Alto Mesima: solidarity against racism has no boundaries A great response against racist chants towards the AC Milan goalkeeper, Mike Peterson Maignanarrived from the deep south, from Alto Mesima, where the members of the local team, Ada (Acquaro, Dasà and Arena), playing in the third category group “E” of the Vibo area, in the match against ZungrThey showed up on the pitch wearing a mask of the Serie A goalkeeper, testifying to the aversion against any form of discrimination. Guests and audiences enjoyed it. Race is a fish, not a form of classification of the human race. Therefore, those who practice forms of gender discrimination have no reason to classify themselves as human beings. And not even like fish. The discriminating episode occurred during the Udinese/Milan match last Saturday, when some fans of the home team railed against the goalkeeper of the visiting team with “zoo” chants: you are a monkey, they were told, with animal sounds. The match was interrupted in the 33rd minute of the first half due to protests against the referee from Maignan. The news had the echo it deserved and also reached Dasà (where Ada plays and there is a large group of AC Milan fans). Here the answer was not long in coming: every player of the host team on the pitch with a photocopy of the face of the AC Milan goalkeeper. Who by the way is of French nationality. Without considering that Udinese has seven black players. And the more colors there are, the more beautiful the world is. To be complete, the match ended 3-2 (Ada is currently first in the table). Not just that of the group.