Autonomy, tensions remain in Calabria


By John

The green light from the Senate Constitutional Affairs Committee did not clear the clouds over differentiated autonomy as potentially the “next future”. The contrasts remain between a majority that indicates it as part of the government program and the oppositions that loudly ask for corrective measures in terms of tools to reduce the gaps in the country. Those same doubts that, essentially, were expressed in Calabria by the political forces, even by the governor of Forza Italia himself, Roberto Occhiuto.

Services to be rebalanced

The main issue lies in the definition of the Lep (essential levels of performance) and the allocation of the related resources, so as to define an overall framework that leads to a rebalancing of services for citizens on a national scale, without instead being based on the principle of spending historic (the one supported so far) which would penalize the regions of Southern Italy, starting with Calabria, which would thus find themselves stuck at levels of inefficiency.

Finally the Leps?

The essential levels of performance were at the center of the report of the Committee chaired by the constitutionalist Sabino Cassese, delivered to the minister Roberto Calderoli and the Regions: the standard needs must be guaranteed on fifteen subjects of the 23 of the concurrent State-Regions legislation; among these are education, health protection, protection of the environment and cultural heritage, protection and safety at work, scientific and technological research, territorial governance, production, transport and national distribution of energy.

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