Barcelona, ​​violent beating in the center after overtaking


By John

Violent attack in the city center which took place in the late afternoon of last Wednesday around 6pm, along the central Via Don Bosco in Barcelona, ​​by an undisciplined motorist to the detriment of a local young man of just 20 years of age, who was driving his father's car.

The victim was attacked after a 55-year-old man was driving his carblocked his path and then hit him while the young man was still inside the passenger compartment together with his girlfriend.

He repeatedly beat him with a volley of punches to the face and head, immediately afterwards he literally pulled him out of the car and continued, in the middle of city traffic, to repeatedly hit him in a savage manner.

To help the young man, in addition to his terrified girlfriend, a student of foreign origin, only a courier from the Italian Post Office intervened who, having got out of the car, courageously tried in every way to save the boy from the beating. Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts, he did not succeed in his aim, because other motorists and shop patrons remained to watch and film without intervening.

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