A “complete” coupon to the Municipality of Catanzaro


By John

The mayor's announcement did not cause much surprise in majority circles Nicola Fiorita of a “coupon” after the European elections of 8 and 9 June. If at first it was thought that his announcement was a direct consequence of the entry of the majority representative (and regional councilor) Antonello Talerico in Forza Italia, in reality the idea of ​​a verification would have already been in the air at Palazzo De Nobili; probably this step could only have sped it up a little.
The coupon that Fiorita has in mind is broad-spectrum. You already explained it when you stated that it will be an evaluation of the results achieved by each councilor but also when you also added that there will also be political considerations to be made.
But it will not only be – and it is not even said that it will be considered a decisive fact – on coexistence of two different political souls within the coalition: the progressive one led by the mayor and the centre-right one which refers instead to Talerico. So far, cohabitation has not raised major doubts within the various forces of the majority or, at least, none of them have been officially leaked to the outside world, beyond the controversies in the internal chats. The situation is different from the opposition which has also lost some pieces because they have passed right into the ranks of the majority, flowing into the Talerico area.