Bartoletti, Scanzi and Deodato are the winners of the fourth edition of the Kerasion prize of San Pietro Apostolo


By John

Marino Bartoletti for fiction, Andrea Scanzi for non-fiction e Anna Maria Deodato for poetry. These are the winners of the fourth edition of the Kerasion Literary Prize in San Pietro Apostolo, in the Presila of Catanzaro.
The awards were assigned yesterday by the jury chaired by Vinicio Leonetti, artistic director Miriam Rocca.
“The Descent of the Gods” (Gallucci Editore) is part of a trilogy by journalist Marino Bartoletti, founder of Guerin Sportivo and director of Rai Sport for years. A dreamlike journey in an unspecified “Place” where the protagonists are Enzo Ferrari, Raffaella Carrà, Ayrton Senna, Diego Maradona and other superstars of the public scene in the eighties and nineties. “I didn’t want to write it, but the fourth volume of this lucky series that readers like so much is ready,” said the author during the award ceremony.
Andrea Scanzi with “And to think that Giorgio Gaber was there” (Paper First Editions) won first prize with the story of “his” Gaber, having known him and with whom he shared many years despite there being a significant age difference. The theatrical artist is described by the influencer and journalist of “Il Fatto Quotidiano” as a person who would have liked to avoid the stage, but who as soon as he got on it he was able to give his best.
With the collection “Beyond the lines” the Calabrian Anna Maria Deodato won, putting into verse a lot of current affairs, from violence against women to racial discrimination, with an attentive eye to the open questions of gender and freedom.

The Kerasion Prize is organized every year by the Municipality of San Pietro Apostolo, led by the mayor Raffaele De Santis. The entire administration, starting with your deputy Maurice Talarico and by the delegate for culture Giuseppe Sirianni, he is doing his utmost to carry out this initiative. Which this year has been enriched with a review of various Calabrian authors and the presentation of their latest works: Olimpio Talarico, Silvia Camerino, Annarosa Macrì, Gregorio Corigliano with Piero Practiced, Antonio Ludovico And Daniela Rabia.
Several special prizes: Ricky Portera guitarist of Lucio Dalla and Vasco Rossi, Daniel Rambaldi who spoke of his father Carlo genius creator of ET Alien and King Kong, and Mario Vitale director of various films broadcast by Rai. Another special prize for the anti-mafia commitment a Massimo Caponnetto, son of judge Nino who worked with Falcone and Borsellino; recognition of the book “There was perhaps a time” in memory of General Dalla Chiesa. The award was delivered by Simona Dalla Chiesa. Finally, a “Green” award ad Greek Angel for his “The Sila metropolitan area in Calabria and in the Italian context”, delivered by Ilario Treccosti director of the Sila National Park.
Participation in the Kerasion Prize is without a registration fee, the important thing is that the works must be published. The jury is made up of professionals, teachers and journalists who are “volunteers of the word”.