Health in Calabria, Mancuso: “The approval of the investment plan for the building industry is excellent news”


By John

“The commitment of the Region and of Commissioner Occhiuto, to relaunch the health system, has no equal, for results obtained and planned, in the history of Calabrian regionalism”.

For the president of the regional council Philip Mancuso: “Faced with the breakdowns inflicted on healthcare by the regional and national governments of the past and the legacy of eleven years of receivership, the action of the Region is facing the old and new emergencies with courageous and innovative choices that have given Calabria back that necessary proactive role even on Roman tables, where we measure ourselves head-on, with autonomy and competence, to make Calabria’s reasons count”. The president of Mancuso expresses his “appreciation of the investment plan for healthcare construction which includes all territories, approved with DCA n. 229 of last August 21st. In particular, for the historic commitment relating to the construction of new hospitals in the city of Catanzaro. A result made possible – he explains – after more than twenty years of blockages, from the integration between Pugliese-Ciaccio and Mater Domini which led to the birth of the ‘Renato Dulbecco’ Aou. The regional planning, as soon as the new program agreement has been signed which, unlike in the past, no longer provides for the involvement of private individuals but exclusively the commitment of the public, provides for an allocation of approximately 235 million euros, to which another 87 will be added. by Inail. An investment in the future that will make Catanzaro the city of Good Health and Scientific Research”.

President Mancuso concludes: “In this difficult phase, given the tightness of the state budget, the high cost of living and inflation that wear out the middle classes and families, an objective comparison would be needed, starting with health care, albeit in the diversity of roles, between political and social forces, with the sole purpose of identifying solutions to problems”.