Beatrice Venezi challenged in Palermo, “Pluralism yes, no to the dictatorship of single thought”


By John

«Controversies have always accompanied me. Of course, in the last year I have become, despite myself, particularly exposed, but I am extensively trained and vaccinated. In this specific case we are talking about three people out of 85. And the black sheep are found in all orchestras.” As Beatrice Venezito the newspaper La Sicilia, on the protests of three members of the Palermo Symphony Orchestra at the Politeama Garibaldi who questioned his skills and from which the first parties, some trade unions and the superintendent of the Foundation, Andrea Peria, dissociated themselves.

Tonight he returns to the stage of the Sicilian Theatre. The three ‘protesters’, she says, “are not people with whom I interface”, she does so “with my shoulder, following a hierarchical order”. And she reveals that she “received and appreciated many messages and statements of support from people who were exposed”. «Personally – she adds – I am satisfied, also because this is a recognized orchestra of professionals with some top talents». «Criticism in itself – she observes – can also be legitimate». But for Beatrice Venezia there have been «tones that poorly conceal acrimony on the part of these people» that «hide misogyny, but also political reasons: just look at the areas to which they belong» which are «different from the one that I, in some I measure, I represent, even if as a technician, without ever having held a party card” what defines the area of ​​the “conservatives”. «And doesn’t one have the right to express different values? Does he have the right to express only one vision? So – he underlines – we are under a dictatorship. I believe in pluralism, in democracy. I have never chosen who to work with or a collaborator on the basis of political, sexual or religious orientation or the color of their skin. I am truly democratic, I am the resistance to this type of dictatorship of single thought. And given that fascism is always given this meaning of repression of others, I certainly cannot recognize myself in a definition of fascist. The fascists are others. As a counterpoint, at this moment I find the fascists.”

On the left-wing ‘friendship’ cited by Giorgia Meloni he says: «And what is the alternative to generational or mentality change? I would always say a change in capacity, because on the other side there are those who always tend to defend the status quo, cloaking it in competence and ability. And instead we had superintendents who made 57 million in debt.” «What skills did they have when they were appointed? Are we talking about statesmen? No – Beatrice Venezi comments – and yet they played the game of goose moving from one institution to another. So I don’t really understand what you’re talking about.”