Belvedere Marittimo, contrast to the “placeholder” umbrellas: maxi seizure by the Coast Guard


By John

The Coast Guard of Cetraro, at the first light of dawn this morning, seized 520 bathing equipment of various types including umbrellas, tents, tables, chairs, deck chairs and sunbeds, which illegally occupied the beaches of the Municipality of Belvedere Marittimo ( CS).
Such equipment, in violation of current municipal ordinances, which prohibit leaving anything along the coast after sunset, have occupied the entire shoreline for days as “placeholders”, in order to always ensure a front row seat for the same bathers, thus preventing the free use of the beach for the rest of the citizens.

Last night’s activity made it possible to return approximately 7,000 square meters of state-owned maritime land to the community and follows in the wake of what has been done in recent days in the Municipality of Cetraro where, during a blitz, about no. 150 pieces of equipment, freeing up a large state-owned area of ​​around 1,500 m2.