Belvedere Marittimo, sets the ex's car on fire: ban on approaching her


By John

He would have set fire to his ex-partner's car at the culmination of a series of harassment that began during the relationship and continued even after the end of the relationship. With this accusation, a 40-year-old from Campania domiciled in Praia a Mare was issued with a precautionary order prohibiting him from approaching the offended person with an electronic bracelet and a ban on residence in Belvedere Marittimo issued by the investigating judge of Paola. The man is under investigation for damage followed by fire, persecutory acts and mistreatment against family members or cohabitants.

The provision was issued at the conclusion of an investigation by the Carabinieri of Belvedere Marittimo, assisted, in the execution phase of the provision, by those of the Catanzaro – Bellamena station where the man was traced. The investigation started from the arson attack which occurred on March 3 in Belvedere Marittimo of the car owned by a 26-year-old girl. The military's investigations, coordinated by the Paola Prosecutor's Office, led to the identification of the 40-year-old as the alleged perpetrator of the gesture and to tracing the motive. The investigations revealed that the two had had a relationship lasting a few months during which the man molested his partner, continuing his behavior even after the end of the relationship.