Municipality of Reggio, approval of the plan to speed up payments


By John

From 213 days in 2020 to 73 in 2022. The Municipality reduces the payment times of invoices, but it is not enough. To adapt to the new regulatory provisions and stay within the “boundaries” of the PNRR, an extra effort is needed. Thus Palazzo San Giorgio adopted the plan with which to comply with obligations and deadlines. A document which in 21 pages indicates the steps to be taken to accelerate the settlement of invoices, which the Council has approved and which will have to become executive in the coming weeks. Will this be the end of long waits on the part of those who supply the organization with goods and services?

The document that Palazzo San Giorgio adopted is the result of an analysis that compares different cities with similar characteristics in terms of number of inhabitants Ravenna, Perugia, Foggia, Cagliari and Reggio. The city of the Strait, with a population of almost 170 thousand inhabitants, has 369 employees, compared to the 147 thousand inhabitants of the Sardinian capital which instead of employed personnel has 1500. Not only does the analysis reveal that for the Municipality of Reggio Calabria a share of debt significantly higher than the other municipalities considered. Nonetheless, an analysis of the trend between 2020 and 2022 highlights a significant reduction in debt. In other words, the reversal of direction is felt and also in light of the new entries with which the Municipality has strengthened the organic plan, an improvement is expected.
A plan that was drawn up starting from the mapping of the critical issues that derive from a combination of structural, procedural and technological factors.

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