Black Friday, “60% of Italians will make purchases”


By John

60% of Italians will shop for Black Friday (tomorrow, November 24) and 57% of these will choose to buy clothing items: this is what we read in a research by Confcommercio on Fridays at the end of November dedicated to discounts according to which it will be mainly women who crowd the shops and use online (63.2%), young people up to 34 years of age, and those who reside in the North West and Southern regions.

One in two Italians – underlines the traders’ association – will take advantage of this opportunity to buy Christmas gifts in advance (53.7%), an increasing trend compared to last year (the figure was 52.8%). As per tradition, 57% will choose clothing, 44.7% electronic products or household appliances, 35% footwear and beauty products. 92.4% of those who make purchases will spend up to 500 euros per person with an average spend of around 236 euros. Almost all of them will buy with immediate payment, mainly using debit cards (36.3%) and credit cards (34.7%), 10% will use cash, the remainder will use other payment methods. 55% will shop online while 40% will go to local shops and shopping centres.