The Catanzaro-Cosenza derby. Vivarini: “We were bad”. Caserta: “We are not very concrete”


By John

The derby is not just for the fans. It is also a gift that Vivarini gave to himself: November 30th will be two full years since his arrival in Catanzaro. He couldn’t have asked for anything better than a 2-0 against Cosenza in a “Ceravolo” at the levels of last year’s promotion party. «Winning this match really gave me a lot of pleasure», said the coach from Abruzzo, appearing in the press room with a relaxed face and the smile of someone who knows he’s seen things through. Strategy and tactics largely proved him right. «We played a good match, in football you also have to have a bit of luck in the episodes, because in the previous three matches we had gone really badly from this point of view and we had lost all three times undeservedly. We played a fair match, played with quality as always, but with that hint of attention and malice plus that we have to standardize for the rest of the championship, which we will face with what in my opinion is a strong team and the best in the tournament”, underlined the coach.

Disappointment for Caserta

Fabio Caserta is bitter about the result against his rivals. After the long wait, his men stop. At times, however, they showed their usual game. However, it was not enough to contain the opponents: «We had a good first half. The team started well, with resourcefulness and was also able to react to Catanzaro’s goal. Because after going down, we pushed hard in search of an equalizer. If we compare the numbers, this stands out more. Catanzaro only kicked once in the first half but in football it’s important to score goals. Well, if I have to find a flaw in this performance, I underline this aspect. We were not good at realizing our opportunities. In front of goal, in other circumstances, we were much better and more cynical. In some cases the component of bad luck also has an impact, this is Tutino’s sixth pole. We had another chance with D’Orazio. In the first 45′ we took shots six times. This is not to deny that mistakes were made. We made many but in a match it is unthinkable not to commit any.