Blinken, US determined for an Israel-Hamas agreement. Pro-Gaza protesters: police storm Columbia campus, dozens arrested


By John

The US is 'determined' to get a deal between Israel and Hamas 'now'. Antony Blinken said this from Tel Aviv, shortly before starting talks with the Israeli leadership. The US secretary of state met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then went to the Kerem Shalom crossing from where humanitarian aid enters Gaza on the Israeli side. “Even in these very difficult times we are determined to get a ceasefire that brings the hostages home and to get it now. And the only reason a deal might not be reached is Hamas,” Blinken said while meeting with the Israeli president, Isaac Herzog.

Words that the high representative of Hamas, Sami Abu Zuhri, criticized calling them “an attempt to put pressure” on Hamas and “absolve Israel”. Reuters reports it. Abu Zuhri also reported that Hamas is still studying the recent ceasefire offer.

Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the hotel in Tel Aviv where the US secretary of state is staying in a show of support. On some signs, written in English and Hebrew, you can read “We have faith in Blinken, bring them home to us” to-an-agreement-israel-hamas-the-police-storm-the-columbia-campus-dozens-of-arrests-3c86f93a-aaae-44f0-bf2b-785994e88eb1/.”We will not stop until you reunite with dear ones, so please be strong, keep the faith, we will be with you every single day until we get this done – Blinken response. “We will not stop until every man, woman, soldier, civilian has come home . There is a very intelligent proposal on the negotiating table, Hamas must say yes. It needs to be done.”

Meanwhile, internal tension is growing in the United States

The NYPD entered Hamilton Hall on the Columbia University campus Tuesday evening. Outside the building occupied by pro-Gaza protesters, officers removed many students who were gathered nearby and made dozens of arrests. The officers entered through a window and announced that The Black Bloc are in the building. “There are anarchists who are well known to the police,” Rebecca Weiner, head of intelligence for the Big Apple police force, told NBC.

According to sources at New York City Hall, Columbia University has sent a letter to the police requesting intervention on campus to clear out Hamilton Hall. The letter legitimized the intervention of the agents on the campus and the arrest of students. Columbia University President Minouche Shafik also asked police to guard the campus until May 17, two days after the graduation ceremony.. About 15 thousand students from the university are expected to graduate on May 15. The request is the second since April 18, when President Minouche Shafik herself requested intervention to clear out a tent city on the campus.

“These are people who do not profess ideologies or political interests, but only want to create confusion and clash with the police,” he added.