Botricello, the new children’s municipal council has been installed with mayor Tavano


By John

Handover for the children’s municipal council with the takeover of the new mayor Alessandro Tavano from the outgoing one Francesco Viscomi. The event took place in the council chamber, in the presence of the Mayor Saverio Simone Puccio and the director of the Comprehensive Institute Isabella Marchio. Entry into the body also for new city councilors: Pierfrancesco Gatto, Antony Capano, Simone Puccio, Adriana Morabito, Maria Chiara Puccio, Gregorio Grillone And Raffaele Procopio. The deputy mayor was present at the meeting Giovanna Pucciothe councilor delegated for Education Paola Catrambone, the school contact person for the project Concetta Apicella.

The new members take over halfway through the legislature from the young people who have completed their studies in lower secondary school and who were elected after a regular electoral campaign.

The works were opened by Mayor Puccio: “We are proud of this project – he said – because it allows us to accustom young people to institutional activities, discovering the role and activities of local institutions. A civic education project that we are carrying out thanks to collaboration with the school. In this journey, adults have a lot to learn from our young people.”

The outgoing children’s mayor, Francesco Viscomi, underlined the many activities carried out during the first year of the legislature, starting from the project of donating a water bottle to each student, adding: “As regards the water bottle project, which allowed us to spend the budget provided by the Municipal Administration, I thank all the kids on the council who directly participated in the collection funds. Under the June sun we walked from one part of the town to another to collect the money we needed, together with that provided by the Administration, to carry out the project. We worked together, majority and minority, without color, without envy and without any enmity, for the good of the country’s children and, above all, for the good of the environment. During these months a relationship of complicity and friendship has been established between us, without divisions between lists, and perhaps the greats here should learn from us”.

Immediately after the official handover, with the tricolor sash worn by the new mayor Tavano, he explained: “We strongly believed in this project so much so that being here again is confirmation. The cornerstone of this project is the discussion and sharing between us kids, free from preconceptions and conditioning to freely express positive objectives. My experience during the past year – added Tavano – has made me aware of different facets of this project and I hope it can help me improve what time it might be needed as we are a continuously growing group”.

The manager Marchio underlined the value of the project and the great commitment made by the students, wishing the new City Council good work.