Drama in Corigliano Rossano, 66 year old dies crushed by his tractor


By John

Yet another tragedy of a man who loses his life while working in the fields. She mourns the death of a 66-year-old man, Francesco Caputowhich occurred this morning in the Apollinara district and was crushed under the weight of the tractor he was driving. It seems like a film already seen, a story already heard, but instead there is a new broken life. The tragedy occurred in the populous rural district on the Ausonian side. The dynamics that caused the accident are still being clarified. According to what has been learned, the man was passing through a farm in the countryside of Apollinara, when the vehicle lost stability for reasons to be ascertained and after overturning it ended up in a ditch, taking the man who was also down with it. he was fatally trapped under the deadly weight of the tractor. Nothing to do for the sixty-six year old. The arrival of the 118 personnel on site who requested the intervention of the regional air ambulance was useless. The emergency vehicle landed near the accident site, but then left empty. The man’s lifeless body was reached by firefighters from the Corigliano-Rossano detachment who lowered themselves into the ditch, reaching under the tractor and working to extract it from under the vehicle.