Brambilla's bet at the ASP of Crotone: «Normal healthcare for the people of Crotone»


By John

«Normal healthcare». The objective may seem simple or banal, but considering the “complicated situation” in which public health finds itself not only in the Crotone area but throughout Calabria, even the adjective “normal” takes on the flavor of a challenge. A bet that Antonio Brambillacommissioner of the Crotone provincial health authority, wants to play all the way.
Sixty-nine years old, from Lombardy from Cologno Monzese, doctor with specialization in Hematology, but for almost 20 years manager of public health in Emilia Romagna considered among the regions that excel for the quality of the health services offered, Dr. Brambilla welcomed the call from the President of the Region just over four months ago Roberto Occhiuto, who sent him to the shores of the Ionian Sea. With the governor whose commitment he appreciates, he shares the philosophy that animates him: «We only want to normalize the situation regarding the offer of services and the organization of public health in the area», repeats the Lombard manager sitting in his office on the third floor of the “Il Granaio” business center which houses the headquarters of the Pythagorean Asp.