Vibo elections, towards an enlarged centre… in support of Francesco Muzzopappa


By John

Every detail seems to have been defined by now. The center coalition, a rather inappropriate but useful category to differentiate it from the right and the left, will field, in the next local elections, Francesco Muzzopappa, well-known lawyer from the capital, candidate among the ranks of the League in the latest regional elections, at the head of a group full of forces of various kinds. This was the synthesis reached by all the main more or less political actors who found themselves around a new and unusual aggregation if one thinks of the political framework of a few years ago inside the “Luigi Razza” building.
From what we learn, although the picture is still evolving, the third party grouping, to stay in another less than appropriate category, would include some of the highest level exponents of city politics. There is no doubt that the fulcrum of the coalition is constituted by Vito Pitaro's group which will no longer be called “Future City” as some would have requested and easily obtained, but will be attributable to the political center area. It could merge into “Italia Viva” as well as “Noi Moderati”. Therefore, the former regional councilor, who has distanced himself from the current administration for a year now, led by the mayor Maria Limardo, will be the linchpin of a group in which various souls, already known, will come together.

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