Bridge over the Strait, Bonelli from Reggio Calabria attacks Salvini: “A castle of lies with tens of millions of public money”


By John

«What Minister Matteo Salvini is doing is something that will compromise the future of our country from the point of view of availability of resources”. This was said by the co-spokesperson of Green Europe and deputy of the Greens and the Left Angelo Bonelli on the sidelines of an initiative a Reggio Calabria to present the proposal to establish the Strait and Purple Coast National Park.

«While the Government cuts pensions – he added – it gives money to private healthcare and effectively cuts public healthcare, a project is financed, such as the Strait Bridge, while public transport is on its knees. Yesterday I asked CEO Ciucci for the report on the bridge project. I was told that it cannot be released to me, because they still consider it partial. The construction of the bridge will lead to very significant territorial devastation, both as regards the future of Villa San Giovanni and Messina, and for the consequent demolition of parts of neighborhoods which are now inhabited by thousands of people. At a time when we have a Calabria that still has diesel trains, with absolutely non-existent internal connections, not to mention the roads. And if, similarly, we think of Sicily, where it takes 11 hours and 15 minutes by train to go from Syracuse to Trapani, all this leads us to say that this is a work linked only to the minister’s rantings Salvini who is exposing the country to dramatic financial exposure. We will have a great battle on this in Parliament. But we will also have a battle at European Union level because what we are working on is to stop any European funding for this role.”

«People – said Bonelli – are already well aware of the devastation that the territory will suffer. On December 2nd in Messina there will be a large national mobilization where I will be there. The point is that little by little, as we move forward, we will see this castle of Salvini’s lies on the bridge over the Strait which will collapse, but in the meantime tens of millions of euros of public money will have been burned and will have already been spent on something that only serves to finance projects, while the real priorities are others. We are talking about 12 billion euros of resources which in the Budget could have been allocated to relaunching public transport, fixing up the South, purification, hospitals. The behavior of this Minister is truly a disgrace.”