Bridge over the Strait, Caminiti: “It is necessary to suspend the services conference”


By John

“AND' it is necessary to suspend the Services Conference to have more time, as municipalities, to present observations and requests for integration to the Ministry of Infrastructure». This is what the mayor of Villa San Giovanni, Giusy Caminiti, during the demonstration against the Strait Bridge, underway in Villa San Giovanni (RC). «It is a request not only forwarded by my administration, but also by the mayors of the metropolitan cities of Reggio and Messina, Falcomatà and Basile. Furthermore, it is worth remembering that the 'Stretto di Messinà' company has also made a similar request to the ministry, asking for time until 12 September to present the requested additions, a procedure which will also lead to the postponement of the expropriation issue”.

Also present at the event was the mayor of Catanzaro, Nicola Fiorita, for whom «the Bridge is a political issue that interests us all. Citizens must always be listened to – underlined Fiorita – as this is a work that will put our hands in the pockets of Calabrians and Sicilians and, in any case, I remain convinced that the Bridge is not a priority work”.