Bridge over the Strait, Forza Italia Messina: the “culture of no” eliminates all prospects


By John

“Yesterday's demonstration of those who remain non-bridge supporters, with the national secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, is the photograph of how the people of Messina have grown tired of the 'culture of 'No'. An instrumental dissent, without vision and which eliminates any prospect of development.” Thus, in a joint note, the citizen coordinator of Forza Italia, Antonio Barbera and the youth coordinator in Messina, Maria Fernanda Gervasi.

“The construction of the Bridge – continue the two Italian exponents – represents the only possibility to turn on the engine of progress and the return of large investments in the city, capable of generating the economy and jobs. Messina, with its mega project, will take on centrality on a global level and the people of Messina want something big. If there is still a small percentage of people who do not agree on the realization of the work it is also right – they observe – the difference of opinions is the basis of democratic principles, but the wind in Messina has changed”.

For Antonio Barbera and Maria Fernanda Gervasi, “this wind of change starts right from young people. They have an enormous ability to understand the future and a critical sense to understand which side to take. Until now, the young people, in an increasingly dramatic percentage, do not choose, but are forced to leave Messina in search of work and certainties, because of this – say the two party coordinators – many families are forced to help them financially while also facing great sacrifices . We want to oppose all this, we want our children to be able to invest their skills here, making their values ​​available to our community.”

“Always saying no – concludes the note from Forza Italia Messina – has contributed to widening the gap between North and South, fueling the storytelling that important infrastructures cannot be built in Southern Italy and Sicily. The Bridge will bring us closer and truly connect us with Europe: yes, because the stable connection over the Strait is not an 'included' issue between Sicily and Calabria, but is part of a continental context, which will allow the completion of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor (European TEN-T network); continuity of the railway and road networks of the two regions; the connection between the Sicilian ports and the continent; the new Strait Metro; the development of high-speed rail services in Sicily, as well as an overall contribution of 23 billion to the country's GDP”.