Kate Middleton: “I have cancer”. The announcement in a video. In chemotherapy since the end of February


By John

Princess Kate of Wales, wife of the heir to the British throne Williamwho underwent a mysterious abdominal surgery over two months ago, addressed a video message to the country in which revealed that he is being treated for cancer. Kate did not say what type of cancer the cancer was, adding that the diagnosis was made after her abdominal operation in January at the London Clinic.

She added that the news came as “a shock” and explained that she had been undergoing chemotherapy since the end of February.

Kate then assured that the diagnosis of her cancer – which arrived thanks to a biopsy conducted after the operation in January – was early and invoked respect for her privacy, that of William and her children (“our young family”). Kate showed herself smiling and tried to give an optimistic image, although appearing slimmer in the garden of Adelaide Cottage, in Windsor.

In the margin of the video, Kensington Palace made it known that neither she nor the heir to the throne will participate in the royal Easter mass on March 31st. The video was released to break the silence and counter the spread of rumors and conspiracy theories about her and her health. King Charles also revealed last month that he was being treated for cancer.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wished Kate well after her revelation. “The Princess of Wales has the love and support of the whole country as she continues her recovery,” Sunak said, adding that she “has shown enormous courage with her statement today”. The prime minister also asked for Kate to be given maximum privacy after all the media attention in recent weeks.

The White House also expresses its closeness to the Princess of Wales following the announcement of her illness. “Our thoughts are with her,” it said in a statement.

Harry and Meghan wish Kate “health and recovery”

Prince Harry and Meghan have sent their “health and recovery” wishes to Catherine, Princess of Wales, after she announced a cancer diagnosis on Friday. CNN reports it.
“We wish health and recovery to Kate and the family, and hope that this can happen in privacy and in peace,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said in a statement.