Budget of the Municipality of Reggio, Minicuci goes to the Tar


By John

«The approval of the Dup (Single Programming Document) of the Municipality it took place in a condition of great chaos, but above all it took place in a context of institutional rudeness». It is the accusation that the councilor makes Massimo Ripepi the day after the Council meeting in which the Dup and the estimated budget were approved. «I note that there is a real democratic emergency in the Council – says Ripepi -. Evidently the imminent return of Mayor Falcomatà is in the background, which I hope at this point, because, one can blame him for everything, but he never interrupted the interventions of the councilors ».
But the theme of the press conference convened at Palazzo San Giorgio, alongside the councilors Antonino Minicuci, Mario Cardia, Demetrio Marino, Giuseppe Biasi and Guido Rulli concerns the contents of the Dup, approved without any consideration for the suggestions and collaboration offered by the minority. Other problem the fact that the Dup was approved in the same session in which the budget was examined. «I’m not saying it, widespread jurisprudence confirms it – highlighted Minicuci –. Once the Dup has been defined, the necessary time must be given to the directors to evaluate the level of implementation of the programs, the achievement of the objectives and who are the subjects who are responsible for the objectives”. Minicuci detailed the issues involved in the dispute, from the use of the tools, envisaged by a 2019 law for the fight against tax evasion, which have never been activated. The definition of the more than 30,000 building amnesty practices still at a standstill, which would have brought about 40 million euros to the institution’s coffers, with positive implications for the municipal budget, and which prevented many citizens and businesses from activating various benefits , such as access to the 110% Bonus for renovations and recovery of buildings. «The Giunta Falcomatà had defined an act of direction – said Minicuci – we made ourselves available to lend a hand by activating a working group with the help of other Metropolitan Cities. But the choice was to entrust 30 external professionals who within this year will be able to define just 600 cases».