By-elections in Monza and Brianza: Galliani replacing Berlusconi in the Senate. Cateno De Luca under 2%


By John

The definitive turnout in the supplementary elections of the single-member constituency Lombardia – U06, of Monza, was 19.23% at 3pm today. It had been 71.05% a year ago, when the vote was taken to elect Parliament.

Adriano Galliani was elected in the by-elections in Monza with 51.54% of the votesin an election that stood out for its very low turnout, which did not reach 20% compared to 71.05 in the elections of September last year. Marco Cappatosupported by a broad coalition that included Radicals, Pd and M5s, got 39.53% while the mayor of Taormina Cateno De Lucawith his South with North movement he obtained the1.76%. Once the counting of all 739 sections was completed, Galliani was assigned 67,801 votes, Cappato 52,079. All the other six candidates were very far behind.

The first results and the success of Adriano Galliani

The first official results of 4 seats out of 110 arrive from the Municipality of Monza: Cappato 46.32%, Galliani 46.10%, De Luca 1.52%Giovanardi 1.52%, Di Modugno 1.95%.

But in reality the political secretariats immediately tell another story: albeit in just 68 sections scrutinized out of 739, Galliani is ahead with 5,921 votes against Cappato’s 5,086.

105 sections scrutinized out of 739, Galliani is ahead with 9,114 votes against Cappato’s 7,727.

With 171 sections already scrutinized out of 739 Adriano Galliani, candidate for the centre-right in the by-elections for the Senate in Monza, in the seat once held by Silvio Berlusconi, is in the lead with just over 51% of preferences. Marco Cappato, civil rights activist and supported by the centre-left, follows with 38.23% of votes. The other six candidates in the race are currently stuck below 2%.

“I dedicate the victory to Silvio Berlusconi”

“I have seen fantastic results, I certainly would have preferred this seat to remain with my life teacher, my guide, my everything, who was Silvio Berlusconi.” These are the first words of Adriano Galliani on the outcome of the by-elections in Monza and Brianza for the seat that belonged to Silvio Berlusconi. «The victory – he added – is dedicated exclusively to Berlusconi to whom I will be grateful for my whole life».

The defeat of Marco Cappato

“We knew it would be a very difficult challenge, for which I took full responsibility, therefore also for the defeat.

I thank the hundreds of volunteers and donors who made a political adventure possible in which we gave voice to the real urgencies of the territory, against the deployment in force of the leaders of the Government and the right-wing parties. We will meet in December in Monza with Eumans and with those who participated in the campaign to follow up on all this, as individual people or organized in the political forces that supported my candidacy. My and our battles obviously continue, with the Luca Coscioni association and also with civil disobedience.

I consider abstentionism the product of deliberate choices to deny fundamental rights to democratic participation, starting from the denial of referendums and the platform for collecting signatures, up to an electoral law based on the nominees of party leaders, passing through the systematic disinformation inflicted on voters. I congratulate Adriano Galliani for the election. I greet the other candidates Cateno De Luca, Lillo Massimiliano Musso, Domenico Di Modugno, Daniele Giovanardi, Giovanna Capelli, Andrea Brenna.

Let’s face our political battles with even more awareness of the Italian context, and therefore with more strength” said Marco Cappato, defeated centre-left candidate in the by-elections for the Senate in the Monza Brianza constituency.

De Luca’s forecast