Biden: Israel OKs aid to Gaza as soon as possible. From the USA 100 million dollars for the population


By John

A light of hope in a region often marked by tensions and conflicts: US President Joe Biden announced in a press conference in Tel Aviv his intention to broker an agreement between the US and Egypt to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

The move, while humanitarian, is not without political complexity. If on the one hand Israel shows a certain openness, on the other it sets specific conditions. As reported by an official statement from the office of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel will allow the entry of humanitarian aid from Egypt, but only that intended for food, water and medicines for the civilian population in the south of the Strip. And the note is clear: no aid will be allowed from Israeli territory until the hostages held by Hamas are freed.

In the meantime, Washington does not stand idly by and is making a concrete commitment on the humanitarian front. Biden confirmed a generous aid package, allocating as much as 100 million dollars for the population of Gaza and the West Bank. Furthermore, the American president underlined his government’s commitment to working together with regional partners and international organizations to ensure that this aid actually reaches those who need it.

In an already delicate context, a video released by the Israeli army has reignited controversy. The images, taken by a drone, portray the hospital in Gaza, the scene of recent traumatic events. Contrary to what some have asserted, the Israeli military spokesman claims that the visible damage is the result of a failed rocket launched by Islamic Jihad and not an air strike. A strong statement, which seeks to overturn the accusations of an alleged bombing in that area.

UN: responsibility for the Gaza hospital remains unclear

“Last night I watched in horror as reports of mass casualties at what should be a protected site. Hundreds of Palestinians were killed when al-Ahli hospital in Gaza City was hit. The circumstances of this catastrophe and the responsibilities remain unclear and will have to be thoroughly investigated, but the outcome is very clear, it is a terrible tragedy for those who were involved.” This was stated by the UN special coordinator on the Middle East peace process, Tor Wennesland, at the Security Council meeting.

WSJ: “For 007, the US says Israel is not responsible for the hospital”

The United States has gathered intelligence indicating that the Gaza hospital explosion was caused by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group. The Wall Street Journal reports this according to which the American assessment is based, in part, on intercepted communications but also on satellite data indicating the launch of a rocket or missile from a Palestinian fighting position inside Gaza. “Our current assessment is that Israel is not responsible for the Gaza hospital explosion,” says Adrienne Watson, spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council.