Calabria, Arcea liquidates another 25 million. Gallo: “Certainties for our farmers”


By John

New payments for over 25 million euros. The regional agency for agricultural disbursements, led by the commissioner Giacomo Giovinazzostarted the liquidation of huge sums destined for Calabrian agricultural companies.

In particular, right now – for a total value of 8,821,973.19 euros, the payment of a new list is underway as the balance of the 2023 campaign of the Single Application, in favor of 3,607 beneficiaries.

“It is important to underline – comments the regional councillor for Agriculture, Gianluca Gallo – that the completion of this procedure will allow Arcea to reach the performance of disbursing 95% of the resources to be allocated by 30 June 2024, with the consequent possibility of accessing the 5% reserve and therefore proceeding with the preparation of further payment lists in the coming months, thus increasing the support provided to the Calabrian agricultural world, bringing the total sum paid out in the last quarter alone to approximately 112 million”.

The account also includes the amounts of the decrees of the measures intended to be paid by the end of the current week, for a total of another 17,158,465 euros: 1,585,998.7 for Integrated Production (SRA01); 7,051,304.81 for the purpose of adopting and maintaining organic production practices and methods (SRA29); 2,127,569.36 for animal welfare (SRA30).

Among other things, the list also includes funds for 6,393,592.99 earmarked for measures related to the transfer of knowledge and information actions; agro-climatic-environmental payments, organic farming, cooperation, support for Leader local development, information and promotion activities for investments in agricultural businesses, the establishment of young farmers, the processing, marketing and development of agricultural products, diversification and multifunctionality in agricultural businesses, the development of forest areas.

. “These are – concludes Councilor Gallo – concrete actions, aimed at offering timely and certain responses to Calabrian farmers and their legitimate expectations, with the aim of giving strength to a strategic sector for the growth of the entire region”.