The Azzurri’s report cards against Croatia: Calafiori, what a personality! Donnarumma superman, Darmian and Jorginho disaster


By John

Donnarumma 7
A monster. The best of the Azzurri at the European Championships so far. He saves Modric’s penalty, closes the door on Italy shortly after, capitulates on the Croatian 10 but there he really couldn’t do anything. After the one against Spain, another sumptuous match.

Darmian 5
Disaster. Shy, too. On the left he has lots and lots of space but never makes an impact. Bad in defense. He misses crosses and passes in the second half. Misplaced trust.

Zaccagni 7.5
The vote is all for that curling shot that recalls Del Piero’s goal in the 2006 World Cup semi-final against Germany. He exploits the space that Darmian fails to exploit for almost the entire match.

Sticks 6
Some creaks in defense. Up front, especially in the first half, he is the most dangerous and comes close to scoring his second goal of this European Championship with a great header.

Calafiori 7.5
We already love him. But what kind of talent is he? He has the personality of a veteran and the boldness of his age. The most confident in defense. In the final, after the warning that will cost him the disqualification with Switzerland, he goes all in: he throws himself forward and provides the assist to Zacchagni that is worth gold.

By Lorenzo 5.5
Not much better than other times. But then again, it was impossible to do worse than the match against Spain.

Jorginho 5
Another unconvincing race. He almost never verticalizes. Fagioli seems more brazen in the last minutes.

Stretcher 6
He is our strongest player. At just enough levels. The assist to Bastoni isn’t enough, we need another Barella, otherwise we won’t go far.

Pilgrims 5
It is revealing all its inadequacy at a European level. Too shy, always late. Talent? We wait for it.

Frattesi 5
He comes in to give the push and instead risks sending us to hell with that handball in the area. Never decisive in space, twice he could provide the decisive assist but shoots into the opponents’ legs.

Dimarco 5
What happened to the Inter full-back who never misses a cross and is a hammer on the wing? This is the wrong twin.

Church 6.5
He comes in and we wonder why he didn’t play from the start. He is the only one who beats the man, creates superiority and is an arrow in the Croatian side.

Raspadori 6
Sufficient. It tries, but it needs to be reviewed.

Scamacca 5.5
He puts weight in front, a shot from outside deflected into a corner.

Network 6
We didn’t mind him. He’s not a bomber, but he knows how to defend and lay off the ball. He earns a lot of fouls.