Raoul Bova wins the Golden Column at the Magna Grecia Film Fest in Catanzaro


By John

Actor, director and producer Raoul Bova will receive the Golden Column at the Magna Graecia Film Festival 2024, which will be held in Catanzaro from July 27 to August 4. After the announcement of the presence of Oscar winner Tim Robbins, who will perform in concert with his Tim Robbins and the Rogues Gallery Band, of the actor and director Claudio Bisio who will open the festival with his directorial debut, of the Oscar winner Kevin Costner and of the godmother Clara Soccini, Raoul Bova also joins the already existing parterre of the event, now in its twenty-first edition. The recognition will be awarded to the actor, who has Calabrian origins, during a masterclass-conversation during which clips of the documentary film «The Lost Beauty: Syria» will be screened, presented at the Venice Film Festival, written and directed by Roberto Burchielli, conceived and produced by Maurizio Rasio for RealLife Television in collaboration with the Italian Red Cross and the Syrian Red Crescent to tell the story of the territories affected by the conflict and its consequences. Committed to the big and small screen, Bova has always dedicated his energies to social commitment.

The role he played in Capitano Ultimo is the one he is most attached to. He supported Sergio De Caprio in the creation of a non-profit foundation and the «Casa Famiglia Capitano Ultimo», in the Parco della Mistica, on the south-eastern outskirts of Rome. He is alongside the association «Io Ci Sono» for the reconstruction of multifunctional centers in the areas of central Italy hit by the earthquake in 2016. In 2010 he was appointed FAO Good Will Ambassador. Since June 2024 he has been the first Ambassador of the Policlinico Gemelli. Raoul Bova’s debut as an actor took place in Una storia italiana directed by Stefano Reali, since then he has acted alongside Anthony Quinn, Sophia Loren, Giancarlo Giannini, Michele Placido, F. Murray Abraham, Sylvester Stallone, Carole Bouquet, Diane Lane, Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie and many others. Protagonist of some of the most successful television series, such as the most recent Buongiorno mamma, don Matteo and I Fantastici 5.