Calabria ASP budgets, the PD group wants to clarify


By John

Healthcare continues to be at the top of the political agenda of the PD group in the Regional Council. After the various initiatives of the militant summer, the bill for increasing investments in public health, in concert with five other Italian regional councils, and the initiative on community medicine of next September 27th in Lamezia, now the start of a field verification activity.

The councilors of the Democratic Party, via certified e-mail, formally invited the Directors of the Asp to provide the availability to organize a visit to the various companies. A necessary in-depth activity, characterized by the utmost constructive spirit, which could provide fundamental impulses after the meetings with the bureaucratic leaders of the healthcare and hospital companies in our Region.

With the same communication, the Dem group then asked the leaders of the ASPs to respond to a previous certified email, from last September 6th, in which they had asked for some information regarding the accounting situation of the various companies. Among these: the amount of previous debts and debts not yet paid, as well as the technical-financial capacity of the Company to pay debts by 12.31.2023. Finally, in case of inability to pay the debt, the dem councilors asked what corporate strategies have been planned for the year 2024 in order to deal with any foreclosure procedures or the appointments of commissioners by the Administrative Justice which, certainly, will weigh heavily on the coffers of the health authority.

«We need concrete signals – declares Bevacqua – and precise data on which we can compare in order to address and resolve the main critical issues. Calabrian healthcare has been at a standstill for too long and we can no longer waste even a second to reverse the trend and provide citizens with a healthcare service that is finally up to par and equal for all.”