Gymnastics, for coach Maccarini only warning at the sporting trial: “Too much affection”


By John

Eleven months of accusations and defense, for a sporting trial with four hearings, one in Milan and three in Rome, leading up to today’s sentence who “warns” the coach of the national rhythmic team, Emanuela Maccaraniand acquits his assistant Olga Tishina, both investigated by the federal sports prosecutor after complaints of psychological abuse by former gymnasts Nina Corradini and Anna Basta.

“I take note of the decision of the Sports Court, which unfortunately does not surprise me”, commented Corradini who was the first to publicly denounce the alleged psychological abuse suffered. The federal court panel, chaired by Marco Leoni, reserves ten days for the publication of the reasons for a device intended to spark discussion especially for the speech of the federal prosecutor Michele Rossetti. «There is no evidence of oppressive behavior towards the gymnasts» and indeed if one fault can be attributed to Emanuela Maccarani it is that of «excess affection towards Basta»: these were her words to explain the requests of warning for the coach who, according to the contested articles, could have also risked a fine, or even disqualification or expulsion.

None of this, with the federal court confirming the requests of the federal prosecutor who during the trial was also accompanied by Livia Rossi, national prosecutor at the General Prosecutor’s Office for Sport, «provided», they explain by the Federginnastica, «to give even more greater transparency in the proceedings” at the request of federal prosecutor Rossetti himself. “The point of the procedure is to find the line of demarcation between what is the right reproach from the coach and when this is exceeded, becoming humiliation”, Livia Rossi said at the opening of the hearing, finding the answer in the words of the federal prosecutor Rossetti according to which there is no evidence “of oppressive behavior aimed at obtaining medals”.

Hence the request for a warning for Maccarani and for acquittal for Tishina who “did not commit the crime”. The defense of the Farfalle coach, however, asked for total acquittal because according to the lawyer Avilio Presutti the climate in Desio was “familiar”, while Maccarani “should be awarded a medal for not having abandoned Anna Basta”, given the ex’s problems gymnast in maintaining a healthy weight during his time at the Academy. A speech, that of Presutti, which preceded a deliberation session which lasted about two hours and which led to the first degree sentence at the sports justice level. It is still too early to say whether Maccarani will appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal to have the warning removed as well. We will have to wait for the reasons. In the meantime, the coach looks back on eleven months that she defines as “painful and difficult”, reiterating that she “has a clear conscience”, despite a wound that “will remain for the rest of her life”.

In the meantime, the first game is closed, waiting for the Monza prosecutor’s office to do its job with ordinary justice. Anger on Corradini’s part: «Discovering that the abuse suffered by me, Anna Basta and the others is justified as “excess of affection”, shows unequivocally the distance between the athletes and the body that should guarantee their protection» , he concludes.