Calabria, Differentiated autonomy Franz Caruso asks the Region to challenge the law at the Constitutional Court


By John

“Together with many mayors and the “One Italy” movement, I asked the presidents of the Regional Council and the Executive, Filippo Mancuso and Roberto Occhiuto that the Region decide to challenge the law on differentiated autonomy at the Constitutional Court. This is a concrete act to defend national unity as well as to protect the interests of the South and Calabria. This would be a choice that could give credibility to the belated statements released by Roberto Occhiuto himself against the Northern League bill”. the mayor of Cosenza, Franz Carusowho on this issue is strongly engaged in a battle in favor of the unity of the country, the development of Southern Italy and Calabria and the safeguarding of the founding principles of the Republican Constitution Charter.

The Northern League law, traded with Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia, for an unlikely Justice Reform and for the establishment of a very questionable premiership – continues Franz Caruso – is antidemocratic and unconstitutional. It divides Italy into 20 small republics, taking away huge resources and functions from the Southern Regions and increases the already existing gap between North and South. In fact, the Calderoli Law is destined to create, once implemented, unacceptable discrimination between Italians who, according to the territories of residence will have unequal rights, even for those that the Constitution affirms the principle of universality, starting from the guarantee of the right to care and health, education and transport.

“I hope – concludes Franz Caruso – that Roberto Occhiuto will make the interests of the Calabrians prevail, through concrete actions and not empty words and is, therefore, coherent and consequent with respect to the expressed dissent towards a punitive law aimed at accentuating marginality and subordination of Calabria compared to the strong areas of the country.”

“differentiated autonomy has yet to become law, in the sense that as soon as it is promulgated the regional Council will obviously discuss it. I certainly don’t join the Democratic Party”, declared the President of the Calabria Region Roberto Occhiuto, deputy national secretary of Forza Italia, on the sidelines of a meeting in the headquarters of the Council in Catanzaro, responding to journalists who asked him if he intends to appeal to the Constitutional Court against differentiated autonomy, on which Occhiuto has expressed criticism in recent days. “I said publicly what I have always said in party meetings, assuming responsibility for my role as national leader in absolute coherence; I invite you to also see the reports of the Conference of the Regions, when the ‘differentiated autonomy”, explains Occhiuto, reiterating that even on that occasion he said he had no prejudices towards differentiated autonomy on condition that the historical expense was exceeded”.