Calabria, finances at risk with the Autonomy: the Committee of the “wise men” is now holding back


By John

In theory, it wouldn’t be new. But since the experts of the Clep committee put it on paper, the body chaired by the jurist Sabino Cassese, then the alarm is worth considering. The substance is that differentiated autonomy endangers public finances. The (well-founded) fear is that by financing the powers transferred from the central administrations to the Regions through the mechanism of sharing state taxes, the more economically structured territories will have excess resources to the detriment of all the others.
In recent days, after repeated requests from Parliament, the Committee forwarded all the documentation to the Constitutional Affairs commission of the Senate with the reflections and conclusions of the work of the ten sub-groups into which the 56 experts appointed by the government had been divided. And it is precisely the acts of “subgroup 9”, the one called to deal with the “coordination of public finance” that arouse the greatest concern. Here is what the “wise men” of Minister Roberto Calderoli write in their conclusions. «If the Lep (the essential levels of services to be guaranteed throughout the country, ed) were financed with the sharing mechanism, over time there would be misalignments between the available resources and the spending needs of the Regions (i.e. the resources would be excessive in territorial areas characterized by a dynamic of the tax base and of the higher revenue, posing risks for the aggregate financial compatibility)”.