Cosenza eager to start strong. The first obstacle is Ascoli di Viali. The new signing Viviani is in the stands


By John

In the first of the championship at the “Marulla”, Cosenza will be able to count on 6-7 thousand fans (three thousand will be those of Ascoli). Yesterday afternoon Fabio Caserta presented the match against former William Viali’s Ascoli: «It will be a very tactical match. The current opponent has given rise to high-ranking championships in recent years. Today he is led by a very capable coach, who surprised everyone last year. I like his way of playing, I’ve already met him as an opponent when he was in Cesena », he then added referring to Viali, the great ex on duty. And furthermore: «We have to forget the positive performances of these first days of August and concentrate on the match against Ascoli. I want a proactive team and to see a spirit of sacrifice from the boys. Motivations make the difference. It is essential to know how to question yourself as Voca did (used on the trocar against Sassuolo, ndc) ».


During the press conference, the coach had also anticipated the imminent announcement of the arrival of central defender Filippo Sgarbi. Born in 1997, ex Perugia, the club from which he released himself on 25 July, was then made official in the evening by Cosenza (he signed a two-year deal). The footballer reinforces the defensive package, which was orphaned in the Region in the past few days. Sgarbi, in Umbria in the last five seasons, should integrate easily into the tactical mechanisms of Caserta who have already coached him in the year of the last promotion to the red and white cadetry. Midfielder Mattia Viviani was also taken, who will be in the stands tonight to watch the match.


Tomorrow the new home shirt will make its debut. The new main sponsor will camp on the “Laser” – as it was presented. The via degli Stadi company has finalized the agreement with the Ppas consortium, which promotes and enhances the potatoes of the Sila plateau. “Patata della Sila” has already appeared on the Cosenza shirt last season. In that case it was present on the women’s training shirt.


The controversy over the issue relating to “Lupacchiotto” tickets continues unabated. Yesterday the club coordination center intervened. From the body chaired by Massimiliano Pesce they exhort the Bruzia team to review their strategy on the “matter” once again: “Review the prices of the various sectors and remove all restrictions on “Lupachiotti”. There are no Serie A and Serie B children. Bringing your children to the stadium shouldn’t be an economic burden. We also consider the expensive tickets excessive. We hope to observe news in this regard starting from the second internal match of the championship», said the president Pesce.