“Calabria for the Young”, the notice for 500 euro sports vouchers for young Calabrians aged 14 to 24 has been published


By John

I am 1,613 Calabrian kids aged 14 to 24 will receive a 500 euro voucher for sports practiceforeseen by the initiative “Calabria for Youth” promoted by the Calabria Region and created in collaboration with Sport e Salute.

The list of beneficiaries of the voucher has been published on the website www.sportesalute.eu, which will now allow people to practice sports and physical activity at the 676 associations and amateur sports clubs in Calabria that have joined the project. The numbers attest to the great involvement and effervescence of the Calabrian sports movement. On the one hand, in fact, there has been a large number of associations and sports clubs that have made available a total of 1,434 courses of various activities and disciplines: from climbing to athletics, from cycling to sport dance, from baseball to martial arts, through water and underwater sports.

On the other hand, the numbers of beneficiaries have demonstrated the desire for sport of the Calabrian kids, with 9,818 total requestswhich resulted in a list of 4,096 eligible applications, with priority given to young people belonging to families in precarious economic and social conditions.

“The large turnout demonstrates the goodness of the Calabria Region’s choice to focus on sport – declared the Vice President of the Region, Josephine Prince -. We wanted to promote this initiative precisely to satisfy the great desire for sport and to allow everyone to do physical and sporting activity, overcoming any barrier to access. I am grateful to the many Calabrian sports associations and clubs that have joined, opening the doors to the many kids who will have the opportunity to choose the discipline and activity that most attracts and involves them. A sportier, and therefore healthier, Calabriais the goal we are moving towards and we are happy to be able to count, in this journey, on Sport e Salute which works to develop sport throughout our country”.

All information and the list of beneficiaries are published on the website www.sportesalute.eu