Pension increases June 2024, find out how much they are and when the payment is expected


By John

Pension increases June 2024, here’s how much they are and when they arrive.

L’pension check of the month of June 2024 it could be more significant for some pensioners: among the new features there is in fact the recalculation of the amount paid between March and April, which will integrate the increases of the reform IRPEF. Added to this is the revaluation, which led to an increase in pensions up to 5.4% starting from January 1, 2024.

What’s new in the June pay slips

There are several new features expected in the pension pay slips of June, including the recalculation of the amount paid between March and April, which will include the increases foreseen by the reform Irpef 2024. However, not everyone will receive a raise. Those who are waiting for a backlog will see their paychecks increase starting in June, while those who have already received them will not get any further increases.

When payments arrive

The June 2nd It is a holiday, so no payments will be made on that day. From June 1st it will be possible to withdraw the pension at post offices. Those who withdraw it at the bank will be able to receive the amount starting from Monday June 3, 2024.

How to view June amounts

You can see the amounts through the ObisM model. According to a note from the Institute, this is the online service available to pensioners of all managements, including the former management INPGI 1 merged intoINPS from 1 July 2022, who are beneficiaries of social security and welfare benefits. The ObisM model is also accessible via the Citizen’s social security fileon the institutional website, using the credentials SPID, CIE 3.0, CNS, Device PIN (for residents abroad) or eIDAS.

The pension certificate it is not provided for retirement benefits which are not revalued annually and continue to be paid in the same amount for their entire duration: Social APE, extraordinary checks And early retirement. The certificate is updated on the date of the request by the interested party, even for benefits paid during the year, and is published annually taking into account the revaluation of pensions and welfare benefits.

Amount of increases

The increases due to the revaluation of pensions in 2024compared to inflation, led to increases equal to:

  • 100% on pensions up to 4 times the minimum
  • 85% on pensions between 4 and 5 times the minimum
  • 53% on pensions between 5 and 6 times the minimum
  • 47% on pensions between 6 and 8 times the minimum
  • 37% on pensions between 8 and 19 times the minimum
  • 32% on pensions more than 10 times the minimum

The new Irpef brackets

The new tiers IRPEF They include:

  • Until 15 thousand euros: 23% rate
  • Until 28 thousand euros: reduction of the rate from 25% to 23%
  • Until 50 thousand euros: rate unchanged at 35%
  • For incomes above 50 thousand euros: rate of 43%

Increases with revaluation

The overall increase in pensions, due to the annual revaluation of the pension benefit and the reform of theIRPEFhas led, starting from 1 January 2024, to an increase in pensions up to 5.4%.