Calabria in turmoil against Rome


By John

On the one hand the protests and complaints of the interns, on the other the mobilization of the mayors – under the aegis of the Anci – against the reform of the Differentiated Autonomy “which risks further dividing the country”. The protest by local administrators, with several supporters registered in the last few hours, is scheduled for Tuesday 13th with sit-ins organized in front of the five Calabrian Prefectures. The Democratic Party and the CGIL will also join the protest.
Meanwhile, as mentioned, Tension rises over the interns’ dispute. And this after the amendment aimed at guaranteeing 18-month contracts at 18 hours per week for around four thousand social inclusion trainees was set aside in Montecitorio, in the commissions called to examine the Milleproroghe decree. Technically it is not a rejection: however, it means that the proposal is put aside, perhaps to do further “in-depth analysis”, or waiting for it to be withdrawn, or reformulated. The next few hours will be decisive. In fact, voting on the amendments begins on Tuesday in Montecitorio and it will be understood then whether the mediation work carried out will produce results. «Meanwhile, the trade union organizations – they claim in a note –, in continuity with what has already been organized in the previous months, announce a state of agitation among all trainees in all entities, even with moments of abstention from activities, from 12 to 15 February precisely in conjunction with the discussion of the Milleproroghe law decree”.