Calabria, optimism about spending EU funds: the Commission takes a position


By John

The definitive data will arrive only after the delivery of the closing documents, expected by February 15th. But optimism is leaking from Brussels: Calabria should have spent all the funds (over 2.2 billion) from the Por 2014-2020. This is supported by the Commissioner for Regional Policies, Elisa Ferreirain response to a question recently presented by the Calabrian MEP Laura Ferrara. The five-star exponent asked if there were «dangers of cutting the final balance for the 2014-2020 Calabrian programming», but the answer provided by Ferreira leads to optimism: «The Commission has constantly monitored the implementation of the program and has promoted all possible measures to ensure the absorption of funds, including the latest program amendment approved in October 2023. For the reasons explained above, it is too early to assess the (complete) absorption of EU funds. The information currently available indicates full absorption.” Ferreira, again in the response provided to Ferrara, also specifies that “the Commission has not implemented any financial correction in relation to the Programme”.